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Trident Engineered Solutions

Our Process

We take a six-step approach to engineering total integrated solutions:

  1. Initialize

    Before any work begins, we take time to define the distinct needs of your project through rigorous planning and crafting the scope of work. This step allows us to fully understand every nuance of your project before we design and develop your custom-engineered solution.

  2. Design & Develop

    Based on the approved project plan, we execute the design and development of your product. Through drawings, models, and exact calculations, we envision the form and functionality while integrating your feedback and insight throughout the design and development process.

  3. Build

    We offer the fabrication and manufacturing capabilities that bring your custom power project to life. During the building stage, quality control is key. With a focus on quality standards, we build a product that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system.

  4. Deliver

    From crating to shipping, we handle every aspect of the delivery stage to ensure that your product reaches its proper destination exactly as specified. With clear communication from our team, you can expect your products to arrive on time and budget.

  5. Startup

    Our goal is that the delivered equipment is field-ready, integrates seamlessly into your application, and starts up with ease. To ensure that this goal is met, our dedicated field service engineers will be on-hand to test and refine your custom power product. We will prepare and provide any associated installation guides and manuals. Our team is available to lead your team through extensive training and education to help you get the most out of your machinery.

  6. Support

    We stand behind every custom solution we create and offer product support, preventative maintenance, and replacement parts to keep it running for years to come. We rely on trusted relationships with our service network to provide the necessary parts and service to resolve any issues that may arise.