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Trident Engineered Solutions

Meet The Team


  • Brad Borchers 740x492px

    Brad Borchers

    Vice President

  • Josh

    Josh Spitza

    Director of Engineering & Operations

  • Tom Kubasta

    Tom Kubasta

    Director Sales & Marketing


  • Mike Karpe

    Mike Karpe

    Sales Executive

  • Mike Herms 740x492px

    Mike Herms

    Technical Support & Fabrication Supervisor

  • George Bonney 740x492px

    George Bonney

    Lead Field Service Engineer

  • Dennis Cotterill 370px

    Dennis Cotterill


  • Kyle

    Kyle Saginus

    Senior Mechanical Project Engineer

  • Marcus

    Marcus Jones

    Senior Mechanical Project Engineer

  • Leo

    Leo Larios

    Electrical Systems & Controls Project Engineer

  • Chris Rath 740x492px

    Christopher Rath

    Project Engineer

  • Lexi Sabarots Blue

    Lexi Sabarots

    Mechanical Project Engineer

  • Eleni Pipili

    Eleni Pipili

    Mechanical Engineer Intern

  • Natalie Busse 370px

    Natalie Longeran

    Human Resources Manager

  • Jordan Rageth 370px

    Jordan Rageth


  • Eric Ring 370px

    Eric Ring

    Distribution Manager

  • Phil Turnqiest 370px

    Phil Turnquist

    IT Manager

  • Matt Ellsworth 370px

    Matt Ellsworth

    Senior Marketing Manager

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